NetSuite Financial Planning

Reporting & Analysis with NetSuite Financial Planning

Adaptive Planning is the global leader in Cloud-based Budgeting, Forecasting, & Reporting and is offered as the NetSuite Financial Planning module.

Together, Adaptive and NetSuite deliver a cloud-based end-to-end tight integration solution for financial management, accounting, and corporate performance management.

  • Accessible as a tab directly in NetSuite, so it’s a seamless for end users.
  • Full integration means you can drill back to the detail in NetSuite.
  • Drill all the way down to the transaction level.
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Learn how software, cloud and Internet companies can dramatically improve revenue forecasting, budgeting and analysis. This webinar provides a detailed demonstration of how software companies utilize NetSuite for revenue modeling and automating end-to-end financial planning processes.

Analytics Drive Agile Plans

  • Use what-if scenario analysis directly on dashboards and drill down by any dimension.
  • Improve business agility and use your actuals to drive plans for greater accuracy.
  • Share knowledge across Finance and Accounting with annotations that are directly linked to metric data for a specific time period

Collaborative Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Optimized for mobility and collaboration to increase  accountability and involvement.
  • Monitor processes with incredibly easy functionality, simple usability, and ease of management
  • Define deliverables, assign them to users, monitor their status, and track their closure
  • View task statuses with at-a-glance graphs that automatically update

“With NetSuite Financial Planning we are able
to analyze deeper into our transaction data and find
out more about our customers and suppliers”