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D-connect Integrates actuals and transactional data from multi sources systems into management Dashboards enriches Discovery, planning and accelerates reporting cycles.
These source systems include GL’s and enterprise resource planning (ERP) as well as enterprise applications beyond Finance, such as customer relationship management (CRM), marketing, and HR systems—even custom data sources such as a data warehouse.
D-connect  facilitates integration whether the source system is On-premises or in the Cloud.
D-Connect lets you connect with any ERP, HCM, CRM, or other sources you need to extract data from. Manually pulling data from programs can be a full-time job for some.
D-Connect provides an integration framework so your team can automate your data flow and spend more time analyzing data.
The goal of any integration should be to maintain data in a single platform. D-Connect tries to provide this capability with little IT knowledge needed and no code-writing required.

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