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Our customers are able to Plan, Analyze and Visualize their business stories
The real stories of their Data

Our Expertise

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Business Planning
If you’ve grown up from a massive spreadsheet of data and couldn’t really active planned, Budget and Forecast you should know how much more effective An Active Planning process is collaborative, comprehensive, and continuous, one that results in a better business plan and better budgeting and forecasting.
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Visual Analytics
Visual Analytics is another form of visual art that grabs our interest and keeps our eyes on the message. Visual Analytics
focuses your insights & understanding of business performance based on your data  can answer questions like What, Why, When and How is this happening, what if these trends continue, and what is the best outcome that can happen
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Collaboration Work Management
All plans allow you to see the work alongside the key conversations, decisions, and rationale together in one place, which improves visibility across the organization. Conversations remain in the sheet, so new employees or team members can get up to speed quickly, or existing team members can revisit decisions that were made and get context around the work.
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Our Platforms

Workday Adaptive Planning provides business planning through corporate performance management (CPM), sales planning, and workforce planning. Workday Adaptive Planning leads the way for people in companies to collaborate, gain insights, and make smarter decisions faster.
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​QlikView is a very flexible Business Intelligence (BI) platform for turning data into knowledge. More than 35,000 organizations worldwide have enabled their users to easily consolidate, search, and visually analyze all their data for unprecedented business insight using QlikView’s simplicity.
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Smartsheet is a worldwide leading software platform to work execution and project management. The platform is built to plan, capture, manage, automate, collaborate and accommodates and report on work at scale projects, tasks, & workflows, of repetitive processes by sending alerts, requesting approvals and updates, by offering different views.
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Our Customers

About 1,000 business users rely on our Professional Services and support locally & globally

Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels for a Demo/ Presentation/ Technical Support or any assistance.
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