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Dozens of customers rely on our solutions

Qlik Case-Study
Qlik Technologies delivers user-driven business intelligence that transforms data into meaningful information and enables companies to make decisions more accurately and effectively. The company has customers in over 100 countries and a sales team of more than one thousand to support the business.
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Taglit Birthright Case-Study
Birthright Israel is the largest educational tourism organization in the world that hasgiven over 750,000 journeys to the magical state of Israel. 750,000 unique moments ofself-discovery and life-long friendships. Life-changing Shabbats, Dead Sea swims,mountain hikes and culinary adventures.
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PayOneer Case-Study
Payoneer is one of Israel’s biggest and most successful hi-tech companies, with
revenue of $200MM+ in 2017. Founded in 2005, they operate one of the largest online
money transfer platforms in the world
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