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Incentives & Compensation Management (ICM)

היתרונות של מערכת Xactly
  • תכנון וביצוע יעדי תגמול/ תמריצים פרטניים לאיש המכירות/ למנהלים/ לארגון, בראייה הוליסטית.
  • ״יישור״ מערך המכירות עם הגדרת היעדים הארגוניים ושינויים המתחוללים מעת לעת.
  • החלפת תהליכים ידניים/ גיליונות אלקטרוניים רבים הגוזלים עשרות שעות עבודה מדי חודש.
  • הפחתה בתשלום יתר של עמלות וטעויות המובילות לתשלום נמוך ולמחלוקות עם אנשי המכירות
  • תהליכים חסרי שגיאות על ידי אוטומציה של התהליכים. ברמה גבוהה של הנתונים הרלוונטיים.
  • הפחתת ההוצאות הקשורות לניהול עמלות, יצירת מקור כסף נוסף לשימושים אחרים
  • ויזואליות ושאילתות מותאמות אישית במחשב הניד/ מכשיר סלולרי לכל משתמש.
  • כלי ניתוח לאנליסטים תוך שימוש באינטליגנציה ותובנה של המערכת לחיזוי מדויק יותר.
  • מקור מהימן לביקורת ודיווח, תמיכה מלאה ב- .ASC 606 / IFRS 15
  • אינטגרציה מלאה עם Salesforce, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics

Xactly Incent Features

Compensation Plan Configuration

Gain ultimate flexibility with reusable plan components—like rules, quotas and rate tables—to streamline and standardize comp plans.

Document and Workflow Management

Configure, manage, and track processes like credit or payment inquiries with customizable workflows.

Reporting and Dashboards

Use pre-built or custom reports and dashboards to track sales performance and understand compensation plan effectiveness

Faster Compensation Calculation

Process millions of revenue events and support hundreds of thousands of payees with our Next Gen Calc Engine.

Customizable Incentive Statements

Give your reps the details they crave by providing a breakdown into exactly how their commissions are calculated

Hierarchy Management

Easily manage reporting structures, relationships and who gets indirect credits for deals with drag-and-drop hierarchy management

Prior Period Processing

Adjust amounts and data in prior periods and have a new version of results at your fingertips.

Incentive Estimator

Give your reps the ability to estimate expected commissions and see how it’s impacted when tweaking certain deal terms

Payee Profiles

Access a detailed view of any payee within the system, including their complete historical data

Design Better Sales Compensation

Create and manage any type of compensation plan—from the simple to the complex. Xactly Incent is purpose-built with best practices baked in, so you know you’re designing the most effective compensation plans for your teams.
• Access reusable elements like rules, quotas and rate tables to simplify plan design and adjustments, and help make plan
rollover for the next year a breeze

• Drive the right behaviors and boost quota attainment with insights into compensation plan effectiveness
• Create competitive plans and retain top sellers using Xactly’s 18+ years of proprietary pay and performance benchmarking data
Ditch the Spreadsheets
Automate complex commission calculations and everything that goes with it so your teams can focus on more strategic work. Incent creates efficiencies across the board—allowing teams to speed up payroll close, accrual close, and have a complete audit trail to back it all up.
• Ace your audits every time by increasing compliance efficiency by 65%
• Eliminate payout errors and increase accuracy up to 99% Reduce compensation inquiries and disputes by getting payments right the first time
Professional Services

Provide reps with on-demand visibility into their pay and potential earnings for every deal in their pipeline. Build trust by getting their payouts right every time, and motivate them with insights into their overall performance to drive better results.
• Eliminate shadow accounting by giving reps access to detailed incentive statements and compensation plan documents
• Estimate potential commissions based on current comp plan designs and updated deal data
• Provide access to performance data anywhere and on any device with native Android and iOS support.
Xactly Connect

Xactly Connect™ data integration and open API platform allows organizations to create and automate integration processes for data processing across Xactly’s sales performance management (SPM) suite.
Using Xactly Connect, companies can automatically integrate data from on-prem systems, as well as SaaS vendor applications, such as CRM, ERP, and HRIS platforms.
Xactly Connect also includes toolkit connectors for Salesforce,Workday, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite .
Using Xactly Connect, can be automated which defines the organization structure in Incent.
By automating the process, Admins can save lot of time and avoid human errors.
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