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BI for Industries
SaaS & FinTech companies
You can rapidly create plans and forecasts with confidence, tracks and reports on key metrics, and benchmarks against peers.
Join Tom Peff, Director of Finance, and Connie DeWitt, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, as they discuss how Adaptive Insights:
  • Builds a robust model for continuous, agile planning of expenses, revenue, capacity, renewals and much more.
  • Track key SaaS metrics like customer acquisition costs (CAC), lifetime value (LTV), ARR bookings, and churn to enable data-based decisions.
  • Create dashboards that benchmark KPIs to comparable SaaS businesses.
  • Collaborate across the business to rapidly create plans and share reports with confidence
SaaS & FinTech companies
Human Resources Services
Tie Human Resources plans to your business strategy and costs
Workday Adaptive Planning makes it easy to automate complex, time-consuming tasks:
  • Staff by role, account type, location, and more
  • Factor in the full cost of hires before you make them
  • Determine impacts on span of control and sales rep productivity
  • See the impact of potential headcount changes in real time
  • Strategically plan incentive compensation to influence higher performance and drive key business outcomes
Human Resources Services.png
Human Resources Services
Analyze and model donor contributions, personnel costs, and overhead
Analyze and plan for fundraising efforts over multiple channels. Model operating expenses. Create plans based on average donor contributions and cost per program. Analyze by fund, program, project, and more. Model personnel allocations for programs and projects, plan program overheads, and allocate shared costs
Transportation Companies
Plan and control Profitability
Wize Analytics gives transportation companies the best practice model for allocation and driver-based profitability analysis and planning. Use historical data and assumptions to determine the most and least profitable based on detailed sales, fuel cost, hidden lost, inefficiency bus line, trends, seasonal patterns, and outliers margin data. Identify profit-and-loss spikes. Watching into dashboards, build scenarios to model profit plans, track and analyze those plans against actual gross and net margins, and adjust drivers and operational processes to improve financial performance outcomes.
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Transportation Companis
Investment House’ Revenue Analyze
Our Signal Marketing dashboard pulls data from multiple sources in real time and display it in a single location. They provide an at-a-glance summary of how campaigns are performing, giving both marketing specialists and C-level executives a single source of truth, and the ability to drill down for deeper investigation.
  • Revenue (by channel / program/ affiliate/ sales etc’)
  • Opportunities and prospects
  • Conversion rates
  • Lead pipeline/lead-to-cash flow
  • Geographic data (based on IP address)
  • Demographic/ firm graphic trends
  • Source tracking (organic search, paid media, site referral, social, email)
  • Content engagement metrics (visitors, open rate, click-through rate, bounce rate)
  • Attribution modeling (how various touch points shape customer journey)
  • Sales operation performance analysis
Investment House' Revenue Analyze
Utilities Organization
Based on Microsoft and Qlik technologies, we’re able to implement data-driven business models in energy and utility companies. With the data analytics tools Microsoft Power BIQlik Sense and QlikView, you can:
  • Managers are able to aself-service business intelligence (BI) by enable them better evaluate and analyze big data and unstructured data without help from the IT department
  • In-memory technologies to quickly analyze and evaluate the various sources
  • take advantage of efficient solutions without modifying the existing system landscape and existing business processes
  • A single “point of truth,” a reliable basis for business decisions
  • utilize advanced graphical user interfaces
Utilities Organization.png
Utilities Organization
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