Giving a Presentation
Planning For Finance
Budgeting & Planning
You must carry out an Active Planning processes!
  • Reduce planning cycles by at least 70%. Invest your time in insights, from the numbers.
  • Spend a minimum amount of time creating the numbers. Automate fetching data from all relevant sources.
  • Create a collaborative environment of information with managements and decision makers in the organization's planning processes 
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Expense Planning
Get more visibility, better cost control
From workforce to capital, travel to maintenance, and more, our intuitive modeling application gives you the flexibility to budget expenses your way. Managers can enter department-specific notes and plan at the summary account level, or by detailed line item. Get full visibility into costs so you can better manage spend.
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What-If Scenario
Control plan versions without losing sleep
Spreadsheet-based scenario planning poses significant challenges, not the least of which is version-control confusion. When you spend too much time emailing templates to solicit input from stakeholders and then have to manually clean and aggregate the results, you have little time left to extract insights and guide company strategy.
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Rolling Forecast Modelling
Rolling forecasts can close the gap between data and decisions by increasing forecast accuracy and streamlining the forecasting process. With Workday Adaptive Planning, you can accurately forecast using real-time, comprehensive financials from the cloud.
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Trusted, Scalable Technology Platform
Workday Adaptive Planning is an in-memory computing technology platform designed for multidimensional modeling, reporting, and analysis. Elastic Hypercube Technology enables companies to manage large, data intensive models without compromise using:
  • Extremely large-scale models with quintillions (1018) of cells
  • Unlimited dimensions and unlimited dimension values
  • Unlimited planning scenarios
  • Rapid analysis, comparison, and reporting without cumbersome setup or additional cubes
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